Speech Department Classroom Behavior Contract

Developmental Mathematics Classroom Behavior Contract
Initial in the blank to the left of each statement to denote agreement. Sign at the bottom showing that
you have read the statements.
I have received, read, been allowed to ask questions, and understand the faculty
syllabus for the course (Course and Section)
I understand my professor’s attendance policy and its impact on me if I am late to
class or miss the class.
I verify that my professor has offered that I meet with him/her first should I have
any concerns about the course. If that meeting does not resolve the concerns, then I
have the option to meet with the department chair or division dean.
I understand that my professor expects everyone to be respectful in the classroom at
all times. See Student Handbook 6.30 and 7-2.4 B & C.
I understand it is my responsibility to take the lab quizzes on MyMathLab by the
assigned date(s) and time.
I understand that it is my responsibility to complete all assignments on time. It is
my responsibility to ask for clarification if I do not understand an assignment.
I understand that should I miss class it is my responsibility to get any handouts, etc.
I understand that my full-time professor is available to meet with me during his/her office
hours and that it is my responsibility to take advantage of this support. My part-time
professor may be available and I should consult my course syllabus for this information.
I understand that I can obtain tutorial assistance in the Math Lab on each campus
and it is my responsibility to take advantage of this support.
10. I understand that math-related study skill seminars are offered, free of charge,
during the semester and that I should attend the sessions.
11. I understand that it is my responsibility to check my Cougar email daily.
12. I understand that scholastic dishonesty of any kind will not be tolerated and may
result in receiving a zero (0) for the assignment, a failing grade (F) for the course, or
other potential sanctions by the Dean of Students. See Student Handbook 7-2.3.
13. I understand that cell phones must be turned off or turned to vibrate during class and
that each professor may enforce a consequence for any cell phone ringing or text
messaging during class. See Student Handbook 7-2.4S.
14. I understand that all electronic devices, including, but not limited to laptops, iPods,
MP3 Players, iPhones, must be completely turned off during class. See Student
Handbook 7-2.4S. (This may not apply to the Learning Pod math classes.)
15. I understand that no eating is allowed in class but I may bring bottled water.
16. I understand that each professor may add additional rules in writing to this contract.
I understand that there is a positive correlation between class attendance, class preparation
& participation, and successfully completing this course. I want to pass this course!
Revised: July 2008