Curriculum and Progress Recording Policy

Dickleburgh Pre-School
Curriculum and progress-recording policy
Statement of Intent
Our setting is committed to offering a safe, stimulating and well-planned environment where
children learn through play, both indoors and outdoors.
We aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, introducing the children to a range of
learning opportunities in all key areas in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage
guidance and the Every Child Matters framework.
Every Child Matters framework:
Be Healthy
Stay Safe
Enjoy and Achieve
Make a positive contribution
Achieve economic well being
Early Years Foundation Stage: areas of learning
Three prime areas:
Communication and Language
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Four specific areas:
Understanding the world
Expressive arts and design
At our Pre-School, learning across the full breadth of the curriculum takes place both indoor
and outdoor throughout the year.
Staff plan the curriculum together on a weekly basis, adapting it to meet each child’s stage
of development and interests. Copies of the plans are prominently displayed and always
available for parents and carers to see. We encourage parents and carers to contribute
ideas and suggestions to our curriculum and welcome parent/carer support of their child’s
learning and development.
Our keyworker system means that every child has a staff member who makes particular
links with that child and their family. This enables us to ensure that a carefully planned
curriculum takes into account the needs of each individual child and staff support children in
developing and learning at their own pace.
A high level of adult support (a minimum of 1 adult to 8 children at each session for 3-4 year
olds; 1 adult to 4 children for under 3’s) enables our pre-school to offer a curriculum which
Gives children individual attention;
Gives children confidence in themselves as learners;
Develops children’s natural curiosity, stimulates their interests and encourages
investigation and experimentation;
Enables children to practice existing skills and build on those skills to acquire
new ones;
Allows children to progress with confidence.
Staff carry out regular observations on each child during their time at the Pre-School and
also take photographs of the child in the course of their activities.
Records of each child’s progress are kept, which include photos and samples of their work.
Any observations made by parents and carers will also be included with the child’s records.
Parents and carers can access their child’s learning journey at any time and chat to their
keyworker informally at the end of the daily session. Formal meetings to discuss each
child’s progress with the parent can also be arranged.
Staff will review children’s progress when a child is aged between 2 and 3 years. A written
summary will be provided to parents or carers. This will highlight achievements and areas in
which extra support might be needed and describe how we will address any issues.
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