Diagnostics Input Form

Form for input on priorities for research and development for diagnostics for important
Transboundary Animal Diseases for the National Veterinary Stockpile.
Please fill out one form for each disease.
Return the forms via email to [email protected] by Friday, September 21, 2012.
Name (optional):___________________________________
Role in meeting:
_______Member of scientific advisory committee
_______Federal Agency
Recommendations for: ____________________________________
Rift Valley Fever
Exotic Newcastle disease
Nipah and Hendra
African Swine Fever
Classical Swine Fever Schmallenberg Virus
Q Fever
Please indicate the level of importance for the following characteristics for diagnostic tests for
emergency use and/or for routine surveillance for this disease:
H = High Priority
M = Medium priority
L = Low priority
NA = Not applicable for a diagnostic test for this disease
Leave blank = I don’t know
_____Rapid results (minutes to hours)
_____Animal side test – Field deployable
_____High throughput assay to detect agent or antibody
_____Safe under BL2 laboratory conditions
_____Bulk reagents, and/or finished kits, are stable and have a long self-life.
_____Diagnostic reagents or kits are routinely used in other countries which enables IDIQ
contract for just in time delivery
_____Detection of all serotypes or strains of organism
_____Detection of specific serotype or strain
_____Detect infection in vaccinated animals (DIVA) (compatible with a negative marker vaccine)
_____Detect animals which have been vaccinated (compatible with a positive marker vaccine)
_____High sensitivity
_____High specificity
Validation for specific sample types:
o _____Serum
o _____Whole blood
o _____Oral fluids
o _____Nasal secretions
o _____Tissue samples
o _____Milk
o _____Semen
o _____Meat juice
o _____Feces
o _____Other
_____Validation for sensitivity/specificity in specific species (list species)
_____Capability to meet 9 CFR regulatory requirements for diagnostic test kits
Fit for the purpose of detection of infection
o _____Herd level
o _____Individual animal level
Fit for the purpose of proof of freedom from infection and pathogen circulation
o _____Herd level
o _____Individual animal level
o _____Region or country level
_____Compatible with World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) requirements for validated
diagnostic test for international trade
What are the best near term opportunities for developing diagnostics for the NVS?
What are the major deficiencies of current diagnostics and diagnostics under development?
Are there major research questions which need to be answered before diagnostics (or improved
diagnostics) can be developed for this disease? If so, what are they?
What technology shows the greatest promise for long term development of a next generation diagnostic
for the NVS?
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