Online Mathematics Diagnostic Test

Online Mathematics Diagnostic Test
The California Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project offers an online test to help you
evaluate your preparation for a university-level precalculus course.
This is a non-binding test to be used by you for diagnostic purposes. There are no
specific cutoff scores provided but very low to modest scores indicate the importance of
reviewing the related math topics before enrolling in your first math class at UCI.
The best way to use this test is to follow the instructions carefully. This includes taking
no more than one hour to complete the test and avoiding use of a calculator, which will
give you the truest evaluation of your current proficiency. Please read the test
instructions carefully before proceeding and make sure that you have one quiet hour to
spend taking the test.
For the greatest benefit to you, take this test as early in summer as possible. This will
allow you to take some time to review the topic areas in which you didn’t perform as
well, then to retake this online test for a progress report, or to move on to the
Mathematical Analysis Placement Test offered through the Placement Testing Program.
Solid preparation in prerequisite math courses such as geometry and algebra are
invaluable for doing well in later courses such as trigonometry, statistics, and calculus.
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