The Australian medical technologies sector has a reputation for innovation and quality. The Australian
companies in this industry are at the forefront of developing ground-breaking products to improve the
health and well-being of global communities. With significant investment in research and development
and high-value manufacturing – the industry is situated perfectly to take advantage of Australia’s
competitive strengths to export niche products to the global market.
Anteo Diagnostics Ltd is a Brisbane-based company
developing proprietary surface coatings for applications
in the diagnostics, point-of-care and life science
Anteo’s Mix&Go™ surface chemistry enables the
development of better diagnostic tests and unique products
for life science researchers.
Using unique surface coatings to create effective and efficient diagnostic tests
Today's globally connected healthcare industry requires increasingly sensitive and affordable
diagnostics tests to detect diseases. Anteo’s Mix&Go surface coatings are a family of products that can
be described as “molecular velcro”. These products are used by Anteo's partners and customers to
attach delicate biological molecules to synthetic surfaces, such as glass, metals and various plastics.
Mix&Go binds these fragile biomolecules gently yet strongly to these surfaces without causing damage.
In the life science research field Mix&Go is used to develop unique research tools for a broad range of
applications, helping researchers to be more efficient and successful in their research. Further uses in
the life sciences include high throughput drug screening and purification of biological materials.
Anteo has also demonstrated additional applications for its Mix&Go products and technology in non-life
sciences industries, such as the resource and clean technology industries.
Benefits of collaboration
Anteo has highlighted the key factors which have contributed to its success.
Collaboration with Australian companies
Anteo's customers often come to them seeking solutions to specific technical challenges they face.
Solving these challenges can require Anteo to work with Australian companies who offer complementary
products and services. By combining the key strengths of two Australian companies, Anteo is able to
provide both domestic and international customers with compelling, integrated solutions which meet their
technical needs.
Building relationships with universities
Anteo proactively builds relationships with domestic and international universities and institutes, such as
the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at Queensland University. Anteo
provides academic researchers with access to Mix&Go for use in cutting-edge research. These
collaborations could potentially lead to the development of new products and the discovery of novel
applications for Anteo's existing products.
Pictured: A trio of Anteo's Mix&Go products.
This case study is based on information from Anteo Diagnostics and was
developed with the assistance of AusBiotech.
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