Letter to Parents/Guardians

October 23, 2014
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Although it is still the fall, we would like to make you aware of some projects your sixth grade child will be working on in
spring. Each student will participate in our “Greek Olympics” and our “Travel Back in Time Wax Museum.” For the
Olympics, we are encouraging every student to dress in a toga (aka bed sheet)! For the Wax Museum, your child will be
signing up to research and “become” a famous historical figure from prehistory through the Renaissance. Again,
although these activities will not be occurring until this coming spring, we thought it might be a good idea to give you
advance notice, so you can locate and/or put aside items you might already have. Also, since Halloween and costume
parties are right around the corner, perhaps there are costumes, make-up, props, and accessories on sale in the next
few weeks that you could purchase at a discounted price. Many costumes can be used in various roles, so if there is one
you are thinking of purchasing, please note that we help students to choose a role that matches the costume.
It is impossible to let you know “who” your child will be assigned for the Wax Museum seven months from now, but
please note that we will try very hard to make this convenient for families. Many costumes will be simple Greek and
Roman togas requiring only a bed sheet, so if you do not have an ancient costume please do not feel that you must go
out and buy one. We always make sure each child has something to wear for this activity. However, we often find that
students already have specific civilization related and, sometimes, elaborate costumes from ancient history that add a
dramatic visual effect for all students. For example, students have become Cleopatra or King Tut from Ancient Egypt,
ladies from the Middle Ages, a Spartan warrior from Greece, a gladiator from Rome, Hammurabi from Mesopotamia, a
famous Chinese philosopher and on and on. These costumes were ones that families already had.
As we continue our study of Ancient Mesopotamia, we will inform the students to begin thinking “who” they may want
to become in spring. This is not meant to add any stress on families, but rather give a heads up now while costuming is
on many families’ minds.
Have a great day!
Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Whitney
6th Grade Social Studies Teachers
Grade 6
Social Studies
Costuming for Spring, 2015
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