Course Expectations & Procedures for Algebra I Honors Classes * Mr

Course Expectations & Procedures for Algebra I Honors Classes –
Mr. Stephen Folts
The specific content of this high school course is guided by the Sarasota County Schools Math Curriculum.
Algebra I Honors is the prerequisite math course for Geometry Honors.
1. Textbook – Algebra I – Holt Mc Dougal Larson-To be left home
2. Pencils (regular or mechanical)
3. One1- 2” three-ring binder with paper, 3 sections
4. TI – 84 Graphing Calculator
5. Daily homework Assignment
Homework is given to allow the student an opportunity to practice the skills taught each day in
class. Homework is to be completed for the following school day. Each daily assignment will be evaluated
as follows:
Completed satisfactorily on time with appropriate work shown-----------10points
Completed satisfactorily with appropriate work shown, but late (ONE DAY) -----5 points
Missing Assignment ------------------------------------------------------------------------0 pointsMAKE – UP WORK:
When a student is absent, it is HIS or HER responsibility to find out what assignments and notes were
missed and make up the assignments promptly. Assignments will be posted DAILY on Mr. Folts website
Homework quizzes may be given daily after the previous night’s homework is reviewed. Chapter tests
will be announced at least 2 days in advance. Chapter tests are to be taken on the day scheduled unless the
student is absent (excused) in which case the student will have a reasonable amount of time to make-up the
test. All tests will be reviewed in class once every student has finished their test.
For most students this is their first high school course and the curriculum is very demanding. Students are
to be in their seats, quiet and ready at the appropriate time for class to begin. ANY student interfering with
another’s ability to learn or the normal flow of instruction will be first WARNED and then referred to the
Main Office for disciplinary action.
Chapter Tests – 60%
Quarter Grade – 40 %
Homework Quizzes – 20%
Quarter Grade – 40 %
Semester Exam – 20% = semester grade
Organizational Skills – 20% - As per school board rule (8.105)
Homework – 15%
Organizational Skills – 5%
1. Attendance / Participation
2. Coming to class on time
3. Bringing required materials to class
4. Cooperation with teacher and fellow students
5. On task time
Students will become proficient using the graphing calculator by exploring linear and quadratic
functions in order to expand their knowledge beyond paper & pencil mathematics.
Mr. Folts will be available every morning at 8:45 A.M. to help you in anyway to be SUCCESSFUL in
this class.
When deemed necessary by the teacher, parents will be contacted via the telephone concerning the
student’s progress. ALL students will receive a Mid-Quarter Progress Report. Conferences may also be
set up at any time for more detailed discussions. Grades will ALWAYS be available on Crosspointe.
* I have read and understand the above expectations and procedures. In addition, I will uphold the honor
code and I understand the consequences if I choose academic dishonesty.
Student Signature
Parent Signature
If there are any questions, please feel free to call the school at 486 – 2001.
“The true measure of success is not to outdo others, but rather to outdo ourselves”. At Pine View and in
my classroom, this message underscores our 212° philosophy. To be successful in my classroom, putting
forth extra effort, the extra degree will have a guaranteed outcome – you will “outdo yourself”! By setting
some personal academic goals in this class and then following a plan to achieve them, you will leave this
course satisfied and proud of your accomplishments .”
Thank You
Mr. Folts