Algebra 1-Class Policies 15-16

Algebra I
Classroom Policies 2015-2016
Ms. Loewenstein
Phone: (224) 765-2241
Welcome to Algebra 1! I am excited to work with all of you and I know we will have a great year! Please
read the following information carefully and let me know if you have any questions. This course will
focus on the core learning targets that are aligned with the national Common Core State Standards.
General Expectations:
 Treat everyone in the classroom with respect.
 Participate in class and raise your hand to answer or ask a question.
 Be on time! You should be seated with your materials out when the bell rings. If you are late for
some reason, come in quietly and get your materials ready without disturbing the class.
 Tardies:
1st tardy to class = a verbal warning
2nd tardy to class = 7:45 Detention
3rd tardy to class = 7:30 Detention
4th tardy and subsequent = Dean Referral
Course Materials:
 Textbook: Algebra I (McDougal Littell)
 TI-Nspire CX CAS Calculator
 3-ring binder or folder for notes, handouts, and returned quizzes
 Loose leaf paper or a notebook for notes and homework
 Pencils
 Grades will be calculated by taking the total number of points earned divided by the total number
of points possible throughout the semester. These points will be 80% of the overall semester
grade. The semester final is worth 20% of the overall semester grade.
 Grades will not be rounded at the quarter. Semester grades may be rounded at the teacher’s
 Any student caught cheating on homework, quizzes, or tests will be written up for academic
dishonesty and may receive other penalties as determined by the teacher.
 Grades will be posted on Infinite Campus after each assessment. It is your responsibility to check
Infinite Campus to follow your grade.
 An assignment sheet with all of the problem sets and their due dates will be assigned for each
chapter. These sheets are made to help you prepare for the assignments as well as the tests, but
they are only a guide and may be changed in class.
 To receive full credit for the assignment, copy the original problem including diagrams and show
all work.
 Late homework will be accepted for partial credit until the day of the chapter test.
 Students are expected to check/correct their own homework.
Quizzes and Tests:
 Quizzes and tests will be announced in advance according the assignment guide. In addition, pop
quizzes may be given throughout the year.
 Feedback on assessments will be given in a timely manner. Solutions will be provided in class but
students are also encouraged to seek out additional help with any concepts they do not fully
 Quizzes will be returned to students to help prepare for upcoming tests. Tests cannot leave the
school with the students, but they will be kept on file so students can use them to help prepare for
the final exam.
 Students have 2 days to makeup tests and quizzes after an absence. The test or quiz will be
placed in the testing center the day that the student is absent. The student should plan on taking
the assessment as soon as he or she returns to school.
 HOMEWORK - Students are responsible for the material that is missed during an absence. The
student should use the assignment sheet, the text book and the online resources to learn the
material that they missed and then complete the homework assignment.
 TESTS AND QUIZZES – Students have 2 days to makeup tests and quizzes. The test or quiz
will be placed in the testing center the day that the student is absent. The student should plan on
taking the assessment as soon as he or she returns to school.
 Pre-arranged absence: Students are expected to discuss a plan for completing assignments prior
to leaving with their teacher. Test/quizzes are expected to be completed prior to a pre-arranged
Learning Targets:
The curriculum in this course is based on the learning targets/topics that can be seen on each assignment
sheet. The targets were made based on the state’s learning standards for Math and provide content that
will prepare students for the ACT and for upcoming Math courses.
Extra Help:
If at any point you are confused about a topic covered in class or on the homework, I strongly
encourage you to get help right away. My office is located in A209. I am generally available
before school, in the learning center 4nd period, and during my free periods (2, 5, 9). It is best to
email me in advance to make sure I am available, but you are also welcome to stop by to see if I
am free.
The Learning Center (A220) is also available daily with hours before and after school.
Homework Club is another great resource for students to get help. Homework Club meets in The
Learning Center Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:30-5:00 pm.
I have read and understand the class policies and agree to follow the Algebra I policies for Ms.
Loewenstein’s class.
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