Intermediate Chinese 1
The course is designed for those who have completed the Elementary Chinese 3 course or
who have:
Completed more than 60 learning hours,
Known about 200 basic Chinese characters, 400 basic Chinese words,
Passed HSK level 2.
Placement interview: required (except for continuing students with advancement approval from
previous class)
Learning Outcomes
The course seeks to develop language learners’ integrated skills of reading, writing,
listening, and speaking at the intermediate level, with a special focus on reading and writing .
1. Practical Skills
Upon completion of this course, you will:
Be able to conduct conversations in Chinese on range of topics
Be able to make a comment on one’s action or behaviors
Be able to express your emotion, opinion
Be able to consult other’s opinion & make suggestion
Be able to ask for reasons & explain reasons
Be able to remind & urge somebody
Be able to write a short passage or letter to describe your life and hobbies.
2. Linguistic Knowledge
Upon completion of this course, you will:
• Understand and enhance the usage of sentence tones and the stress in phrase/sentence.
• Further understand Chinese grammar (including the usage of complements, particle’了’, special
sentences structure such as “把””是…的”);
• have the ability to read expositive and narrative articles written in commonly used vocabulary;
• Learn approximately 400 new vocabulary items and phrases;
Cultural Awareness
Your language learning experience will be complemented with an exploration of culture. You
will be exposed to Chinese culture and history, customs and social etiquette, value systems
and identities, and some current affairs.
Everyone interested in learning some Chinese language will be warmly welcomed to our
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