Volume 8, Number 1 June 2011 - W

ISSN 0219-9874
Volume 8, Number 1 June 2011
Rhonda Joy
Learning to Read in Two Languages: Impediment or Facilitator?
Ruth Ming Har Wong
Developing Teacher Awareness of Language Use and Language Knowledge in English
Classrooms: Four Longitudinal Cases
Maite Correa
Subjunctive Accuracy and Metalinguistic Knowledge of L2 Learners of Spanish
Ho Cheong Lam
A Critical Analysis of the Various Ways of Teaching Chinese Characters
Steve T. Fukuda , Hiroshi Sakata & Mitsue Takeuchi
Facilitating Autonomy to Enhance Motivation: Examining the Effects of a Guided-Autonomy
Takayoshi Fujiwara
Language Learning Beliefs of Thai EFL University Students: Dimensional Structure and Cultural
Peter Tze-Ming Chou
The Effects of Vocabulary Knowledge and Background Knowledge on the Reading Comprehension
of Taiwanese EFL Students
Review of “Toujours Des Mots”
Reviewed by Shonu Nangia
Review of “New Chinese Practical Reader 1” and its Use in the Chinese Language Programme of
Centre for Language Studies of the National University of Singapore
Reviewed by Chiung Yao Lin
List of External Reviewers 2009–2011
Contributors to this Issue