Intra = Within, Intro = Into, Inward Toward

within individual cells
(Lain cella, “storeroom,” “chamber”)
within an institution, especially a school (Latin murus, “a
within the individual mind or self (Latin persona, “mask”)
within the boundaries of a state (Latin status, “condition,
within a vein, such as an injection given into a vein (Latin
vena, “vein”)
serving to inform of something for the first time
(Latin, ducere, “to lead”)
the examination of one’s own thoughts and feelings
(Latin specere, “to look”)
a person interested chiefly in his or her own thoughts and
feelings (Latin vertere, “to turn”)
Name: _________________________________________________ Period:________ Due Date: _______________
Part A: Fill in each blank with a word from the prefix word list. Pay attention to the part of
speech and think about sentence meaning. You must write neatly.
1) Very small children are typically _________________ (s) because they don’t give much
thought to how other people are feeling.
2) Hospital emergency rooms are equipped to give ______________ transfusions.
3) A diary or a journal can be an aid to __________________.
4) The junior and senior classes played an __________________ volleyball game.
5) The ice cream shop was giving out __________________ samples of its new flavor.
Part B: Choose the correct prefix –intra or inter – and add it to the word on the line.
1) All the commuter airline’s routes are in California; it is an __________ state airline.
2) Highway 80 goes from the East Coast to the West Coast; it is an _____________ state
3) You can’t take this bus to the suburbs; it is an _____________ bus.
4) To visit her grandparents, Felicia took an ______________ bus from Dallas to El Paso.
5) There was a practice game between the varsity and the junior varsity football teams; it
was an _____________ mural event.
6) Dozens of universities sent teams to the annual _________________ collegiate
gymnastics competition.
Part C: Match the prefix with its definition.
1) ___ Bio
2) ___ Inter
3) ___ Ab
4) ___ Chron
5) ___ Em
6) ___ Epi
7) ___ Ad
8) ___ Ante
9) ___ Im
10) ___ Anthro
a. Earlier
b. Over
c. On
d. Human
e. Life
f. Between
g. Toward
h. Time
j. Into
k. Away from
Part D: Plan an Intrastate road trip with your friends. What places would you visit and why?
Answer on a separate sheet of paper.