Roman Culture part e answers

Roman Culture
The Answers for Part E
The year AD 79 saw the eruption of
_________________, which destroyed the city of
• Vesuvius
Latin belongs to and is the mother of the
_________________ language family.
• Romance
– Spanish
– Portuguese
– French
– Italian
– Romanian
Ink in the ancient world might be made
from natural dyes, octopus ink, or
• Soot
Our new family is staying near a Roman
resort town called _________________.
• Baiae
Latin lacks words for a, an, and the, which in
English are known as _________________.
• articles
Writing tablets were coated with a layer of
_________________ so that they might be
used again and again.
• wax
English belongs to the _________________
language family.
• Germanic
• As much as 60% of English vocabulary comes
from Latin!
Latin books consisted primarily of a rolled-up
paper that was made from reeds and was called
• papyrus
The Normans brought their _________________
language with them when they conquered England in
1066 and introduced many Latin-derived words into
• French
Naples and Pompeii lie in which
• Campania