Latin I – Riggs -Assignment Week 1-6tcc Pages xi

Latin I – Riggs
Pages xi-xxxi
-Assignment Week 1-6tcc
This week we are looking at how our book is set up, who wrote it, and some Latin
basics. Use the following questions as a study guide and answer them in your
1. Why are the Reading passages adapted from authentic Latin?
2. What’s the point in their being presented chronologically?
Vocabulary to Learn:
3. How is this different from the Reading vocabulary?
Language Facts and Exercises
4. What’s the point of this section?
Memorabile Dictu
5. You should be able to say and/or write this, as well as its translation in each
and every lesson.
In the review chapters that come after every third chapter what is the point of the
following sections?
6. Vocabulary to know.
7. Exercises
8. Classical Mythology
9. Aspects of Roman Life
10. Exploring roman and Modern Life
11. Mīrābile Audītu
12. Where did the Greek Alphabet come from? Why might we want to know
13. What’s the deal with u and v?
14. What strikes you about the pronunciation of Latin vowels?
15. What’s a macron and what’s its purpose?
16. How do Latin diphthongs compare to English diphthongs?
17. How would I figure out the proper pronunciation of the following words
a. prōvincīae
b. vīas
c. vēnit
d. gentēs
e. dēvastāvī
f. iaciō
g. initiī
h. tabernae
Overview of Roman History
18. Who were the 7 Kings of Rome and what were each famous for?
19. After the Kings, Roman History is basically divided into three periods. What
are they and why might we want to be able to use these by name?
Beginnings of Latin Literature
20. Carthāgō dēlenda est! -- What does that mean and why might it still be used
(Good facts to know)
Why do we have so little Latin Literature written prior to 150BCE
Who was Livius Andronicus
Who was Ennius?