PRELAB: AP Lab 2 - Enzyme Activity

WLHS / AP Bio / UNIT 2 – Biochem
PRELAB for AP LABORATORY #2: Enzyme Catalysis
**Read through the entire laboratory packet and answer the questions below. This will be stamped for
completion and reviewed before we do the lab!
1) How do cells benefit from enzymes?
2) Define the following terms:
● substrate:
● active site:
● product:
3) Explain how / why each enzyme is specific for a particular reaction.
4) Briefly explain how each of the following factors influences enzyme activity:
● Salt concentration
● pH
● Temperature
● Activators
● Inhibitors
5) What is the name of the enzyme used in this lab?
6) For the enzyme named in #5, describe / explain the:
● structure:
● function(s):
7) What is the balanced equation that will be investigated in this lab?
8) Study Figure 2.1. Describe what is happening:
-in the first 3 minutes:
-from 3-8 minutes:
-after 8 minutes:
9) What is the initial rate of the enzyme-catalyzed reaction in the graph shown in figure 2.1? How did
you find that? (show your work)
10) List three ways in which the rate of a chemical reaction may be studied.
11) General Procedure. Summarize how the disappearance of the substrate, H2O2, will be measured:
12) Sketch the flowchart shown in figure 2.2 that summarizes the general method to be used.
**Carefully READ through the entire lab procedure (exercises 2A through 2D)!!