Word Study Contract

Word Study Contract
Leave this spelling contract in your homework folder as a reminder of your choices in word study homework. If you
lose this paper, ask me (Mrs. Spradley) for another one!!
Directions: You must complete 1 have-to activity. For your other points, choose activities
from the menu and complete in your word study journal or a separate sheet of paper.
YOU CAN DO THIS!!! All word study activities are due on Friday!
Your goal is to earn 10 points or more! Remember to keep all of your weekly
homework together and hand it in on Friday!
HAVE-TO Activities!
Point Value
Read and sort all of your words. Write the sort.
SAW: Sort, alphabetize, and write your words.
Word Hunt: Use a book or another story to find words
with your spelling patterns. Find at least 3 words for
each category.
Blind Sort: Have someone call out your words to you and
write them as a sort.
CHOICE Activities!
Type a story on the computer using all of your words.
Print it out and turn it in.
Pictures and sentences: Write sentences with at least 3
spelling words and draw a picture to go with each
Rhyme List: Make a rhyme list using 5 of your words.
BigIQkids.com: Play games on the computer while
practicing your words.
Your Choice: Be creative and create an activity to practice
your words!
Your total points for the week: