Sample -Word Study Lesson Plan / Weekly Routine (5 Days)

Word Study Lesson Plan: 5 Day Format
The teacher introduces a new spelling pattern or rule through Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic
A. Auditory: Teacher says “Listen for the common sound in the following (3-5)
B. Visual: The teacher reveals the spelling pattern(s) of the words said aloud or the
teacher leads students in the discovery of the new pattern
C. Kinesthetic: The students’ skywrite the new spelling pattern(s).
Day 1 – Introduction/Guided Practice
1. Teacher introduces the new words (see above) and discusses the
2. Teacher leads students through guided discovery of new letter sound
correspondence or spelling pattern by selecting:
A. A. Word Sorting
B. Phoneme Grapheme Mapping
C. Word Chaining
D. Word Building
3. Students read lists of words and discuss common sound/pattern.
Day 2 -Compare and Declare
1. Teacher reinforces key feature through connected text
2. Students hunt for words that contain target feature(s) in text
3. Students record words in word study notebook-under designated
Day 3 –Reinforce
1. Students participate in small group word study:
A. Buddy Sort
B Writing Sort
C. Word Hunt (additional text)
D. Blind or No Peeking Sort
E. Other Game (i.e. SPELLO)
Day 4 – Apply
1. Students record the generalization for the target feature rule in word study
notebook and select an activity from day 3 for additional practice.
Day 5 – Assess and Reflect
1. Teacher assesses for mastery using words that incorporate the target
feature by dictating 2-3 sentences. May include words from previous features
or challenge words.