Word Study Homework

Name: ___________________________________
Word Sort
The children are to cut out
and sort the words into
categories according to their
spelling features. You should
read each word aloud during the
activity. Explain why the words
are sorted in a particular way what does the sort reveal about
the spelling pattern in general?
This will also be posted on my website
Spelling City
Complete an activity on the
website spellingcity.com
Scroll down until you find
Lesson 9(How Chipmunk Got
His Stripes)
You should not need a
username or password as this
link takes you directly to our
page (2Knapp)
Word Hunt
Go on a word hunt. Find words
that have the same feature in
books, magazines, and
Blind Sort
Lay down one card from each of
the categories (spelling features).
These are the “headers.” Look
at the headers on each category
and read the rest of the words
aloud. Your child must indicate
where the word goes without
seeing it. You place the words
in as your child tells you the
category. Lay it down and let
your child see if he or she is
wrong. Repeat if your child
makes more than one error.
RAZ Kids
Log onto
Read a selection and answer
the questions that follow your
You should have your username
and password.
The teacher username is
2Hotnisky (no space)
The password is your
lunch/library number (student ID #)
Alphabetical Order
Cut out your cards and
arrange them in alphabetical
order. Have someone from
home check your work.
Rhyme Time
Come up with 2 or 3 rhyming
words for words on your list.
*Do orally, not written
Practice Test
Have someone tell you a word
from your feature and/or list.
Practice writing the word.
Have an adult check your
spelling when done.
Speed Sort
Sort your words as fast as you
can. Time yourself and see if
you can beat your best time!
Fun timers/stopwatches at
At least 3 activities must be completed by: Friday November 20th.
Parents must initial the boxes of the activities completed.
Features for the list: Base words with the cv patter that have the endings –ed and –ing.