Word Study Contract - Effingham County Schools

Word Study Contract
I will complete the checked activities that total 30 points. I will turn in
these activities with this contract on ________________________.
Student’s Name _______________________________________________________________
Dates to complete these activities_________________________________________________
Activity Choices
Place a check next to the activities you choose to complete.
Divide each word into syllables. (5 points) (ex: Tru-man)
Write all of the words with vowels in one color and consonants in another. ( 5 points)
Write all of the words neatly in cursive. (5 points)
Write all of the words and cross out the silent letters. (5 points)
Sort your words by the assigned pattern. Write the words in groups and add a word to
each group. (5 points)
Alphabetize your words. (5 points)
Write a synonym for each word. (5 points)
Sort your words by a pattern. Write the words in groups. Then sort your words another
way and write them in their new groups. Give an explanation of your new groups (10
Classify all of your words by parts of speech (noun, verb, etc….) (10 points)
Write your words in order from longest word to shortest word then shortest word to
longest word. If words are the same length, put them in ABC order. (10 points)
Write a sentence for each word. (10 points)
Scramble each word and make a key. (10 points)
Create a set of “fill-in” sentences for your words. Put a word bank at the top of the
page. (15 points)
Write tongue twisters for each of your words (eg. Elephants enjoy eggs every
evening). (15 points)
Use of all your words in similes or metaphors. (20 points)
Write an acrostic poem for each of your words. Make sure each line is related to
the word. (20 points)
You are required to complete 30 points of activities for each spelling list. You will receive a
grade of 100% if you complete 30 points. If you do less than 30 points, your grade will reflect
the total points completed (15 points = 50%). Late assignments will also result in a loss of