Spelling Word Work Homework Due on Friday *Staple your 4

Spelling Word Work Homework
Due on Friday
*Staple your 4 activities to this page
Note to Families,
Your child has been assessed and assigned a series of spelling patterns and sorts that he/she is developmentally
ready to learn. The pattern was taught and is being practiced in class. The activities below, will continue to
reinforce the new learning as it becomes muscle memory~ automatic. It is our goal that your child should be able
to understand what they mean and read other words with this pattern, increasing writing and reading skills, along
with overall understanding.
Thank you for your support!
-Cut out the headings, key words (bolded words), and sorting words.
*Store the words in a safe place.
They will be needed for all Spelling Word Work Homework activities this week.
-Choose and complete four (out of seven). -One activity for each night,Monday-Thursday.
Place the key word categories at the top of the columns.
PATTERN SORT~ Sort the words into the same categories you did in school.
Read the words aloud.
Copy your sort down on paper. Be sure to spell them correctly.
BLIND SORT~Record the sort as you go, on paper.
o First, write the headings along with their key words underneath (bolded words).
o Then, mix-up the word cards. Have another person, draw and say a word without showing it to you.
o Write the word in the correct column.
If you misspell a word or place it in the wrong category, continue to repeat it until it is spelled or
placed correctly.
ALPHABETICALORDER~ Sort and copy your words in alphabetical order on paper.
copy your words
in alphabetical
on paper.
and and
8 words. order
List them
on paper with a •synonym
(same meaning) and •an antonym (opposite meaning), for each word. •Write 8 sentences. One for each word.
(Word Meaning Map graphic organizer available)
WORD HUNT ~ During nightly reading, find your spelling words and other words that have the same
pattern and record them along with the sentence you found them in, on paper.
SPELLING TEST~ Have someonegive you a spelling test (write the words on paper) and then correct it.
Copy any misspelled words 3x each.
OTHER~ Vocabulary graphic organizers (g.o.) may be optional depending on the Sort.Teacher will let groups
know of OTHER options during instruction of the pattern.
- All About Homophones g.o. -Multiple Meaning g.o. - Affix/Root g.o. -Word Quilt g.o.
Graphic Organizers are available in the classroom, but can also be printed at home:
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