Summer Reading Quiz Ch 1-3 1. Which of the following was the

Summer Reading Quiz
Ch 1-3
1. Which of the following was the major effect of the
Neolithic Revolution?
A. The establishment of sedentary village
B. The spread of a migratory way of life
C. A decline in total population
D. An increase in the use of bronze tools.
2. Early hunter/gatherer societies differed from early
agricultural societies in that hunter and gather
societies were
A. less likely to be characterized by gender
B. More likely to require more hours of
work per person.
C. More likely to practice polytheism
D. less likely to base division of labor on
3. Early agriculturalists differed from early
pastoralists in that agriculturalists
A. were able to domesticate animals
B. had plows whereas pastoralists only had
digging sticks
C. relied less heavily on hunting and
D. usually settled in one place.
4. Which of the following occurred as a result of the
development of agriculture in societies that
previously relied on hunting and gathering?
A. Conditions for women improved
B. The incidence of disease declined
C. Population density increased
D. Degradation of the environment lessened
5. Which of the following was a major innovation of
the Babylonians?
A. The first known phonetic alphabet
B. the first known democracy
C. the first known written law code.
D. the first known monotheistic religion.
6. Agriculture in both Mesopotamia and Egypt
depended heavily on
A. the regions high annual rainfall
B. Artificial canals and irrigation
C. a highly motivated workforce
D. The introduction of corn.
“I have not blasphemed a god,
I have not robbed the poor,
I have not done what the god abhors,
I have not maligned a servant to his master.
I have not caused pain,
I have not caused tears…..”
7. The quote is an excerpt from the
A. Epic of Gilgamesh
B. Book of the Dead
C. Book of Songs
D. Analects
8. The quote is a reflection of the civilization’s
interest in
A. social equality
B. honoring political leaders
C. literacy
D. the afterlife
9. Which of the following is an accurate statement
about the writing system of Zhou China?
A. The earliest form of Chinese writing was
the pictograph.
B. Chinese writing contrasted with other
early writing systems in that it included an
C. The Chinese writing system was less
complex than other early writing systems
D. Chinese writing was closely associated
with merchants and long-distance trade.
10. Which of the following is an accurate comparison
of the Indus River Valley civilization and civilization
in Ancient Egypt?
A. The Egyptian economy was more
complex than that in the Indus River Valley.
B. Egyptians worshipped mother goddesses
but the people of the Indus River Valley did
C. Scholars have had more difficulty in
deciphering the writing system of the people
of the Indus River Valley.
D. Cities in Egypt were larger than cities in
the Indus River Valley.
11. An important difference between civilization in
early China and Mesoamerica is that in China
A. Chinese civilization centered on river
valleys but civilization in Mesoamerica did
B. social hierarchies were more authoritarian
than in Mesoamerica.
C. priests had more political power than in
D. the economy was more dependent on
agriculture than in Mesoamerica.
16. The development of agriculture led to an increase
in population because
A. farming was much less labor intensive
than hunting and gathering
B. the stable food source allowed for more
permanent homes and larger families.
C. farming provided a healthier diet than
hunting and gathering.
D. hunting and gathering was an extremely
dangerous lifestyle.
12. In contrast to the Olmec, the Chavin of South
A. had few organized trading caravans.
B. were centered on a river valley.
C. had a domesticated beast of burden.
D. did not have metallurgical skills.
17. Pastoral nomads are similar to settled farmers in
that they both
A. grow crops
B. domesticate animals
C. settle into larger communities
D. have job specialization
13. Which of the following early cultural hearths
developed last?
A. Mesopotamia
B. Aegean Sea
C. Nile Valley
D. Indus Valley
18. The Neolithic (Agricultural) Revolution
influenced gender roles in that
A. men and women’s economic roles were
deemed equal.
B. work outside of the home was more
highly valued.
C. women no longer worked.
D. men played the only significant economic
14. The writing system developed by the
Phoenicians was different from most other early
writing systems because it used
A. pictographs
B. wedged-shaped marks
C. Clay tablets
D. a much simpler system of symbols.
15. The change to an economy based on agriculture
as a result of the Neolithic Revolution
A. was gradual, as it took hundreds or
thousands of years.
B. developed in one part of the world and
spread from there.
C. was universally accepted throughout the
D. had little impact on the environment.
19. The phrases below are characteristics of what
*Used Cuneiform as a writing system
*Was organized into city-states
*Used Hammurabi’s Code as a system of
A. Egypt
B. Indus
C. Mesopotamia
D. Shang
20. The Egyptians were to the Nile as the Chinese
were to the
A. Tigris
B. Euphrates
C. Yellow
D. Indus