Ancient India Geography and Early Cultures PowerPoint

10 December 2013
~Fill out your planners~
Pass out New India Packets
Bellringer – India is a river valley civilization. What
can you assume knowing this?
India Targets for unit
Geography of Ancient India & First People
HW: Read pages 124 – 129 and do Magnet Notes
• Complete Sentences are expected
Ancient India Geography
and Early Cultures
Packet pages 2 & 3
India is so large that it is
considered to be a subcontinent.
What is a
A large landmass that
is smaller than a
Scientists believe that
India crashed into
modern day Asia when
broke up millions of
years ago.
India’s Mountains and Landforms
What mountain range runs along the
Northeast border of Modern India?
The Himalayan Mountains
What mountain range runs along the
Northwest border of Modern India?
The Hindu Kush
What landforms cover most of India?
Fertile plains and Plateaus
More information:
What River Valley did Indian civilization
originate from?
The Indus River Valley
When heavy snows in the Himalayas melted,
the Indus River would flood leaving behind a
layer of silt. This is just like the flooding in
Mesopotamia and Egypt.
What kind of climate does India experience?
Hot and Humid
India’s First Cities
The first Indian civilization was called the
2 major cities were: Mohenjo Doro and
They were well planned! Examples:
• Stood near a towering fortress (defenders
could look down on the cities streets from
these fortresses)
• Brick Streets
• Streets crossed at right angles
• Many public wells
The Aryans
They (Harappan) were conquered by the
At first the Aryans were nomads that took
control of the river valley. What caused
them to create permanent settlements?
At first the Aryan settlers did NOT read or
The important poems and hymns in Aryan
culture had to be memorized. They were
called the Vedas.
Eventually Sanskrit records were written
The most important language of Ancient
India was Sanskrit.