Key Concept

AP World History
Unit One: Technological and Environmental Transformation to c. 600 B.C.E.
Unit IDs and essential vocabulary
Key Concept 1.1: Big Geography and the
Peopling of the Earth
Big geography
Paleolithic Era
Hunting-foraging bands
Kinship groups
Key Concept 1.2: The Neolithic Revolution
and Early Agricultural Societies
Neolithic Revolution
Hierarchical social structure
Key Concept 1.3: The Development and
Interactions of Early Agricultural,
Pastoral, and Urban Societies
Social Stratification
Forced labor
5. Monumental architecture and Urban
planning (know one)
a. Ziggurats
b. Pyramids
c. Temples
d. Defensive walls
e. Streets and roads
f. Sewage and Water Systems
8. New Religious Beliefs
a. Vedic
b. Hebrew Monotheism
c. Zoroastrianism
Details to know more in-depth:
1. Core and Foundational Civilizations
a. Mesopotamia (Tigris and
Euphrates River Valleys)
b. Egypt (Nile River Valley)
c. Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa (Indus
River Valley)
d. Shang (Yellow or Huang He River
e. Olmec (Mesoamerica)
f. Chavin (Andean South America)
2. Hammurabi’s Code
3. New Weapons (know one)
a. Compound bow
b. Iron weapons
4. New Modes of Transportation (know
a. Chariots
b. Horseback riding
6. Arts and artisanship (know one)
a. Sculpture
b. Painting
c. Wall decorations
d. Elaborate weaving
7. Systems of Record – Keeping (know one)
a. Cuneiform
b. Hieroglyphics
c. Pictographs
d. Alphabets
e. Quipu
9. Literature (know one)
a. The “Epic of Gilgamesh”
b. Rig Veda
c. Book of the Dead
10. Trade shifted from local to transregional
a. Egypt and Nubia
b. Mesopotamia and Indus
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