Independent Book Project - Fort Bend Independent School District

Independent Reading Projects
ELA 11
You will be responsible for reading and completing 1 Independent Reading Project. For the novel you completed, you
must choose one of the following projects to showcase and demonstrate your understanding of the novel. Be sure to
check the description of the project and the grading rubrics as you work and feel free to ask questions if you are unsure
about the directions.
Due Date:
Project options
**Remember that you must complete one of the following projects.
Option 1# Standard Check list: (must be typed)
1. Identify the genre and explain.
2. Identify the Point of View and explain.
3. Example of a simile, please provide page #.
4. Example of a metaphor, please provide page #.
5. Map out one chapter identifying the main characters, setting, problem, and solution.
6. Choose 3 words from your book that you do not know the definition of. Predict what they mean
based on the context clues, then look the word up in the dictionary. Select the definition that
matches the definition based on how the word is used in the context of the story/sentence.
7. Write a one sentence summary for each chapter.
8. Identify a dynamic character and a static character from your book. Explain.
9. Make a connection to another piece of literature, real world and to yourself.
10. Create an illustration that depicts an important event from the book. Explain what the
illustration is and why you chose that scene. Must be neat and in color.
11. Identify the definition of a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb. Provide an example for each part
of speech using a word from your SSR book. Please include page #.
12. Choose one character from your book and list three adjectives to describe them. List one fact
from the book to support each adjective you give your character.
13. Create a plot diagram on Microsoft word.
Option #2: Scrap Book
Collect pictures that go with your book and create a scrapbook. It must consist of 10
pictures & pages. Captions of 5-7 sentences should be used to describe the significance of
the pictures used. Examples of book page topics must be explain, characters, setting,
important objects, major events, about the author, plot structure, and figurative language
Option #3: Newspaper Editor
Create a newspaper for your book. Summarize the plot in one article, cover the
weather in another, do a feature story on one of the characters and an article
on a recent event. Include a collection of ads that would be pertinent (seen
within) to the story. The newspaper must be a newspaper format. It needs to
be at least 2 pages (front & back counts as 2). Be sure to include headlines and
captions under pictures. The newspaper should replicate an actual newspaper.
Option #4: Blockbuster Movie Poster
Create a movie poster for your book. Make sure to provide a character list naming major
characters and a short (3-5 sentence) description, real actors to portray characters, movie
rating, director, and movie soundtrack of 10 songs. The songs chosen must be
representative of the chosen novel. On a separate TYPED sheet of paper you will explain
why each song was chosen, and how it connects to your novel. Your novel poster must
include color and show that you have done more than simply copied the cover of the