Электронный читательский дневник

Love is
the only feeling
that should have
the real power
over people.
Her best novel is “Pride
and Prejudice” [3]
where every sentence
is filled with the
deepest instructive
I believe this novel is for
teenagers, thanks to the
fact that not only the
main characters (Miss
Elizabeth Bennet and Mr.
Darcy), but every minor
character reveals for us
the world of human
relations. This novel
teaches us not to be
influenced by the
circumstances and the
opinion of others, but
always to try to listen to
your heart.
«Read the directions and directly you will be directed
in the right direction» (Doorknob). Etc.
In my opinion this simple
truth is the main idea of
the novel «The Picture
of Dorian Grey» [5]
written by Oscar Wilde.
Only being together
three loyal friends
(Harry Potter,
Hermione Granger
and Ron Weasley),
supporting and
helping each other in
every case, can
defeat the evil
presented in the book
as the main villain
Volan de Mort.