Realistic Fiction or Mystery Book Project: Choose a Task

Science Fiction or Fantasy: Choose a Task
Due the week of: Sept 20 - 24
Choose ONE of the following projects for your book project.
TIME CAPSULE: This report provides
people living in the future with the
reasons the book is such an
outstanding book. Make a timecapsule design (use a shoe box or
other container) and neatly print or
type the reasons inside the capsule.
1. Make a design on the outside of
your capsule that relates to the book.
Include the title of your book and the
author’s name.
2. On the inside include important
events that relate to your book.
Include the 5 parts of the plot, setting,
and characters. You could also
include pictures or objects that relate
to your book. Must include at least 10
events or important pieces of
MOVIE MARQUEE: Using a piece of
construction paper or a poster board
create a promotional poster for your
book. Turn your book into a movie.
Include the title, author of the book, a
listing of the major characters in the
book and the actors and actresses
who will play them, and a paragraph or
two summarizing the story. Include a
design or illustration.
FEATURE ARTICLE: Write a feature
article in newspaper format (with a
headline) that tells the story of the
book as it might be found on the front
page of a newspaper in the town
where the story takes place. Include a
picture or illustration. (2 page typed
EMPATHY DIARY: Create and write a
diary that one of your main characters
might have kept before, during, or after
the book’s events. Remember that the
character’s thoughts and feelings are
very important. Follow the plot in diary
form, extend the ending of the book,
and/or imagine what might have
happened just before your book
began. Please include a intro/cover
page that includes the title, author,
your name, and class period. (2 page
typed minimum)