Summer Reading

Summer Reading 10th Grade English Honors
This summer, take some time out to read! Your task is to choose 1 outside reading book and complete
the assignment listed below. The assignment can be emailed to me, linked to my Gmail account, or
brought in when school begins. The assignment will be due the week we get back from summer break.
Requirements for outside reading book:
1. The book needs to be on the high school reading level
2. The book CANNOT have been made into a movie
3. I would like the book to be about a controversial teen topic (but it is not required)
4. The book must have been written within the past 5 years
After you read your novel, complete the attached worksheet AND 1 of the following assignments.
Front Page of a Newspaper
o Create an original front page of a newspaper based on plot, characters, settings, conflicts, symbols,
motifs, or themes in the text. You can create this on blank paper or use Microsoft Publisher
o Your newspaper should have an original name, photographs with captions, a minimum of five
journalistic-style, multiple-paragraph articles (these could include breaking news articles, feature articles,
editorials, interviews, and/or advice columns), and titles for all articles. You may use hand-drawn or
computer-generated graphics or photographs, but be sure to cite and credit any images that you do not
photograph yourself or create.
o As you read your book, keep an original blog of your reactions to the plot, characters, settings,
conflicts, symbols, motifs, or themes in the text.
o Your blog should have a minimum of ten paragraph-length entries, each focusing on a different
literary aspect of the book.
o You use at least three online features including hyperlinks, videos, images, and songs that you find
relevant. Be sure to cite and credit anything that you do not create.
o Many websites offer free blogs, such as,,,,
or Print your finished product and be sure to include the blog’s URL. Blogger only requires a
Gmail account to create and you can access it on your smartphone!
Character Analysis:
o You will need to write a character analysis for the main character in the story.
o Construct a three to five paragraph essay detailing your character and the role he or she plays
in the story.
o You must include whether your character is static or dynamic and why you believe that.
o I do not want a summary of the story here. Focus on character development and the theme* of your
story rather than a retelling of the plot. Make sure your essay is in final draft form to get the maximum number
of points.
*[THE BIG IDEA—why is this story worth telling/what does the author want you to know after you
have read this story?
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- Twitter: @mrsfabrown
Summer Reading Fiction
Student’s Name ________________________________________
Book Title _______________________________________ Author _____________________
Plot Summary
In this section, list the sequence of events as they occurred in the story.
Identify the setting of your book. Where does it take place? Approximately during which time period?
From whose point of view was the story told? Was this first person, third person omniscient, third person
In the space below, identify the characters in the novel. Then choose one character, identify a character
trait that would describe him/her. Then supply an example from the story support that trait.
List of characters:
Character of choice
Character Trait
Example from novel
In the chart below, identify one conflict that is faced in the novel and explain how it was resolved.
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