Proteins + Enzymes Wordbank

National 4/5 Biology
Unit 1 – Proteins and Enzymes – WORDBANK
region on an enzyme molecule to which the substrate
molecule becomes attached during the reaction
enzyme made by plant and animal cells that promotes the
breakdown of starch to maltose
chemical reagent used to test for simple sugars
enzyme that promotes the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide
to oxygen and water
chemical that increases the rate of a chemical reaction and
remains unaltered
copy of an experiment in which all factors are kept exactly
the same except the one being
investigated in the original experiment
term used to describe the state of an enzyme that has lost
its activity e.g. due to excess heat
chemical breakdown of large complex molecules to simpler
substance formed as a result of an enzyme acting on its
protein made by living cells that acts as a biological catalyst
term used to describe the condition at which an enzyme
works best
enzyme present in potato cells that promotes the synthesis
of starch from glucose-1-phosphate
substance upon which an enzyme acts
building-up of large complex molecules from simpler ones by
an enzyme-controlled reactions
Chemical reagent used to test for presence of starch
Cleaning agent which contains enzymes
Enzyme containing substance used in the production of
Complete the word bank using the following words:
Enzyme, Catalyst, Catalase, Amylase, Phosphorylase, Substrate, Product, Iodine
solution, Benedict’s solution, Control, Optimum, Active site, Denatured,
Biological detergent, Rennet, Degradation, Synthesis
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