Project Introduction - Brookville Local Schools

Ready to learn more about Ancient Egypt?!
You get to choose!
Your task is to create a unique way of presenting information on a topic you
researched about Ancient Egypt. Topics could include:
Religion Gods/Goddesses
Historic Sites/ Buildings
The Great Spinx
Mummification Agriculture (Farming) Government
Clothing Fashion, Hairstyles & Make-Up Trade
Rosetta Stone
You may choose to work alone or with a partner from our Social Studies class.
I will provide some resources for you. To gain additional information, use the
internet or other methods of reliable research (such as encyclopedias or books
from the library) to provide examples of information, facts and photos on the
topic of your choice.
Using a Google search, you can also type in what you are looking for. For
example: “food of ancient Egypt”, “tools used in ancient Egypt”, “jobs of
ancient Egypt”, etc. Doing this, will help you find more specific information
on your topic. Websites that end in .edu, .org, or .gov are typically more
reliable sources of information.
You must write down the source of your information. Write the website title,
located at the top of the webpage or write down the book title and author. You
will turn in a list of your sources with the final project.
Helpful Websites (Below you can find just a few):
 (Gives a chart full of topics to click on dealing with
ancient Egypt. Once you click on a topic, many pages have other links to
follow to find out more info about your topic.)
ptianmap/ (Gives info on the left side to click on
about Pharaohs, Tombs, Pyramids, and Temples.) choices found here are
Pharaohs, Monuments, Gods/Goddesses, Pyramids and Daily Life. You can
also view 10 main items found in King Tut's Tomb and below each image is a
description.) (This site gives great info about the
gods and goddesses, pharaohs, hieroglyphics, monuments, and the different
time periods. National
Geographic website with information on the Pyramids.
You will have some time in class to work on this, especially if you finish your
classwork early.
1st due date: Friday 10/17- choose topic & presentation type
Choice of Topic: ___________________________________________________
Presentation Type: _________________________________________________
2nd due date: Friday 10/24- Research/Notes completed. At least 2 sources were
used. Mrs. Dorsey will check your notes in class.