Faculty Senate Minutes - May 2015



Wednesday, May 6, 2015 – Tom Steves Community Room

Faculty Senate Members Present Bob Glidewell, Interim Secretary, Joe McAfee, David

Carpenter, Jim Porter, Billy Ginocchio, Cindy Beck, Martha Eshleman, Scottie Burchett, Cynthia

Hendricks, Michelle Herrera, Mike McMillan; ABSENT:, Suzanne Campbell, Ebony Conley,

Olivia Powers, Chair, Laura Govia, Chair Elect, Maribeth Anders,

Also present: Guests: Mary Ann Shope


. The meeting was called to order by Bob Glidewell as Acting Chair at 2:08 PM.

Mary Ann Shope requested an item on the Agenda for Administrative update and was granted such. Immediately upon Motion and Second to hear the Administrative Update and then to decide on the rest of the Agenda the Senate and upon unanimous vote the meeting proceeded to hear Mary Ann Shope.

Mary Ann reiterated the position of Administration to take direct suggestions from all faculty

(and staff) about all matters affecting PTC.

Mary Ann discussed the Vesting Policy and 2 year contracts. Clarification by Billy Ginocchio as main draftsman with assistance from Bob Glidewell alerted Mary Ann that no such thing as 2 year contracts existed. Each faculty member has a reasonable expectation of one additional contract year unless under disciplinary sanction. The one additional contract year may also be the last year upon the will of PTC which is the equivalent of one year’s notice to terminate.

Mary Ann then announced the intention of Administration after considerable research and investigation to close the LR West/Kanis Site in Fall of 2015. Mary Ann asked, even though no reduction in full time workforce will occur, faculty be given the chance to comment on the intention to close the LR West/Kanis Site. Upon Motion and Second with considerable discussion an impromptu meeting of the Faculty Senators and Faculty at Large members of the

Academic Affairs Standing Committee will occur at 11 AM on Friday, May 9 at a location to be determined and announced by the VPL Office. At such meeting the proposal of Administration to close the site will be discussed with data to be provided. Again it was stated that no reduction in full time workforce is to occur with this closing.

Bob Glidewell announced his retirement from PTC at the end of this semester.

Upon Motion and Second the meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:42 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert J. “Bob” Glidewell,

Interim Recorder/Secretary