September Minutes

Professional Education Committee
September 21, 2015
Joanne Briscoe
Michael Kurtz
Richard Marciano
Ann Weeks, Chair
Recorder: Tricia Donovan
Discussion of PEC Statement of Purpose draft and charge
o Ann gave an overview of the draft SoP and the charge
ACTION: we will combine them for action next month
Discussion of priorities and resources
o Ann posed the following question to the group for feedback:
How do we make decisions on what we want to do?
ACTION: Rank which ones are viable to develop and market in the next
year and rank which ones have revenue and how much.
o Ann posed the following question to the group for feedback:
What resources do we need to accomplish the tasks?
 The committee discussed possible GA opportunities. The
committee also discussed how we might pay faculty and/or
consultants for development money. Ideas included a baseline
development cost + bonus if actually put on + fee if they teach it,
as well as a flat development fee.
o Ann gave an overview of the list of potential activities and the committee
discussed where each of the activities are in development.
 Michael discussed the Archives Institute
 Tricia discussed the children’s literature workshop series
 Ann discussed the 1-credit Winter term courses and the 3-module
workshops being developed by Jen Golbeck
 Ann discussed a Certificate on Knowledge Management
ACTION: create a timeline of things in development and possible roll-out
schedule and also a possible template for paying for development
Next Meeting: Oct 12, 10am-11am