Troy Meadows Quarterly Meeting Minutes Feb 19th, 2009

Troy Meadows Quarterly Meeting Minutes Feb 19th, 2009
Attendees: Mary Ann Bernardi, Anthony Butcher, Eric Miciuda, Michael Shea, Anne
Mary Ann talked about letter from the Davis’s about the playground equipment in the
small park, and how they don’t want any additional equipment there. They asked about
beatification of what is already there. Also, they mentioned about the lack of lawn cutting
next to their home at the park entrance. They asked for landscaping around the bench like
Mary Ann suggests that we look into cutting back on dues seeing how we have a surplus
of money and with the poor economy. Michael mentioned that we need to let all the
residents know where the money is going and where will they go. The dues were
Anne reviewed the budget for next year, $55+20 for general, we will budget $400 for
Mary Ann mentioned she contacted the city about the over pruning of the city trees.
The next Annual meeting needs to be held on Monday, April 13th 2009.
The meeting notice letter should go out April 1st, 2009.
Next quarterly meeting should be on or near April 1st.
We need the landscape plan with costs done for the annual meeting. Mary Ann offered to
call Shane Hope to find out about the quotes from Tom's Landscape for the entrances.
Check the annual meeting letter address for Anne Smith, make sure it is correct.
Mike offered to put together an outline for the annual meeting.
One thing to suggest spending money on is to have a fence put on the whole house.
Currently we have $75 for general and $50 for capital.
We should at the least get a price to have a uniform fence put on the sub.
Anthony will send out the letter to the board members about the by-laws enforcement.
We could cut back on the general fund to ??? minimum amount.
Has anyone done anything with the improvement of the park entrance signs and Olga’s
privacy fence?
Do we have any dead trees left in any of the parks?
We should offer a one time $200 for each cul-de-sac for residents to have improvements
made. They would need approval from the board prior to getting the money. (7 cul-desacs). IT would give the people of the cul-de-sacs ownership.
Our fiscal year is 4/1/08 to 3/31/08.
It was suggested that we maybe try to do something to get the people who owe past due
to pay, like having separate letters sent out, maybe a registered letter or lien. Mary Ann
didn't think this should be done right now .Someone made a suggestion that only the
people who repeatedly don't pay should get the letter.
Mary Ann that she would find out what permits would be needed if we wanted to put up
arboretum vitae along Wattles.
Thanks to Brett for the website work and the additions he has been making.
Mary Ann said there is a city ordinance and fines for no leash and allowing the dogs to
poop on private and public property. Mary Ann will speak of this at the annual meeting.
People complain about speeders, and the residents need to record the day, time and
license and the speeders can be reported to the Troy police. Sergeant Dan Daniels said
that they will send tickets to the violators.
Directories. Ask at annual meeting for updates on residents for the directory.
The city map needs to be scanned and emailed to the board members.
Mary Ann will purchase 600 Forever Stamps at Costco for our future mailings in an
effort to keep our costs down in view of the expected increase in postage in the near