School Refuse Recycling letter

School Refuse & Recycling - Changes to the service
Dear Business Manager
Kier MG and Contract Support have been working together with the Somerset Waste
Partnership (SWP) to improve the waste and recycling collections service offered to
The objectives of the new service are:
 To encourage recycling and reduce the amount of residual waste sent to
 Reduce the number of vehicle movements at schools.
 Improve the cost efficiency of the service.
 Prepare the service to be based on ‘full cost recovery’ for each School.
The new service will be a dedicated school waste and recycling service, separate to
the household service but still as part of the SWP, Kier MG contract.
The features of the new service for all schools are:
General Waste
 One general waste collection per week on a specified day.
 Sufficient capacity to accommodate the weekly collections will be provided.
 One recycling collection per week, on a specified day.
 Paper, card, plastic & cans will be collected in a mixed recycling bin.
 Food waste can be collected from schools across the County for the first time.
General notes:
All bins will be labelled appropriately according to their intended use.
Kier MG and Contract Support have looked at the projected waste arisings at
your school and proposed the number and sizes of bins we think you need
initially and if required, the current allocation of bins in schools will be
changed at no extra cost. This is to ensure schools have the correct numbers
and sizes of bins they need for the new service.
We attach details of the proposed bin allocation. We request that schools
scrutinise the allocation and inform Contract Support by the prescribed date of
any variance they want to make to this allocation.
Once this allocation of bins has been agreed it can only be changed at the
end of March 2015 and then at the end of the academic year. Any changes in
the intervening periods will incur a bin delivery charge for the individual
school. It will also increase the school’s collection charges from that period
onward [this will change the school’s SSTEP charge upon renewal].
Please read the attached container list and respond if you need to!
Any questions please contact Jon Garside on 01823 356097 or email
[email protected]
School Refuse & Recycling - Bin Allocation
Your School’s proposed bin allocation is given below:
Bin Size
Mixed Recycling
Bin Size
Food waste
Bin Size
Please let Contract Support know; by Friday 12th December 2014
if you need your bin allocation altered.
[email protected]