Action Plan for St. Anne`s National School, Maio

Target: To keep our school litter free
To keep our classrooms clean
To reduce the amount of waste in the school by 50% over 6 months
To increase awareness amongst all the children + staff about the importance of reducing waste + recycling and to put in into practice on a daily basis.
Action Plan for St. Anne’s National School, Maio
Waste is not being
correctly separated
Tidiness of Classrooms
+ other school areas
 To conduct an audit of the school +
investigate the sources of and types
of waste in our bins.
 Ensure each classroom has 2 bins
recycling and non-recycling.
 All bins will be clearly labelled to
ensure correct separation of wasteclassroom: recycling rubbish,
Corridor: bread compost.
Litter in the school
People Responsible
Labels created for all
bins-children + OB
Time Frame
23rd November 2012
Monitored by members
of the Green School
Committee and class
All children + staff.
Every child will be responsible for
their own place. (Health + Safety
issues to be addressed. Gloves to be Ms Best + Ms Curtis
purchased by bin wardens and litter
pickers to be sourced).
Dustpan + brush to be put in
teachers toilet to clean up lunch
crumbs/pencil pairs/after art.
Traffic Light Reward System:>20=red
light, between 10 and 20 = orange
light, less than 10=green light. If
children receive 4 or more green
lights in a week they will be
rewarded with extra play time on a
Green School
Ms Best + Weekly Bin
Beginning of
December 2012
Monthly review of
Target Achieved
Too much paper being
Too much packaging in
 Encouraging photocopying on both
 Keeping paper that is photocopied
on one side for rough work or notes.
 Typing notes rather than
handwriting them.
 Giving shredded paper to local
families for bedding for animals.
Too much waste being
sent to landfill
People Responsible
All Staff and children
Time Frame
December 2012
Monthly Review
Revise lessons on over packaging.
Introduction of Waste Free
Encouraging continuous use of
lunchbox and reusable bottles
instead of cartons.
Each class teacher will
January 2012
keep a log of the results Monthly Review of
of each Wednesday on success
display in their
classroom so the
children can monitor
their progress.
Educating the children about
composting and the importance of
correct waste separation.
Begin to use the compostor in the
garden. Fruit bin to be emptied into
the compostor + not the rubbish bin.
Bin monitoring sheet to be filled out
weekly by bin monitors.
All members of the
school community.
Monitored by Ms Best
and members of the
Green School
Weekly bin monitors
End November 2012
(implementation), all
children and staff.
Monthly review by
Ms Best and
members of the
Green Schools
Target Achieved
Ensuring all members
of the school
community feel part of
the Green School
Awareness of the
 Green Schools letter to parents,
written by members of the Green
Schools Committee.
 Upload Action Plan onto school
 Upload the school blog with a Green
Schools page. All green news to be
posted on the blog regularly.
 Organise a ‘Green Day’. Children
will dress up in green + class events
will be planned with a Green Schools
Posters in the school and in the local
community (Tidy Towns).
Green Code/Rap
Add a recycled container to our
school garden. Ad to be placed in
parish bulletin/letter to parents to
request containers.
Discuss possibility of clothes
collection for school fundraising.
People Responsible
Green Schools
Ms Best
Class teachers
Wider Community
Time Frame
December 2012
All children
February 2013
Ms Best
Green School
Wider Community
Ms Best
Parents Association
March 2013
April 2013
Target Achieved