Assembly Notes – New Schools 2015-16

The following speaking notes are for use at the first assembly of the school year to
give students and staff an introduction to the Recycle @ School Pilot Program.
Welcome back – we know it’s going to be a great year!
I am excited to announce that our school will be joining 8 other schools in Eastern
Newfoundland in the Recycle @ School pilot program this year.
By taking part in the RECYCLE @ SCHOOL program, our school will cut down on the
amount of garbage we send to the landfill and help keep the earth clean and healthy.
Have you seen the new recycling stations in the hallways? You can find these
stations: [read out the locations].
Each station has THREE BINS [your school has one set of bins on a trolley – roll this
station into the gymnasium to help demonstrate how they should be used. Ask for a
volunteer to help sort the prop items as you explain the bin system].
The GREEN bin is for the BEVERAGE CONTAINERS we’ve always recycled such as
water bottles and juice boxes.
The BLUE bin is for MIXED CONTAINERS such as yogurt cups and milk containers –
it’s important to remember to put milk cartons in the MIXED CONTAINER bin NOT
in with the beverage containers.
The GREY bin is for PAPER such as loose-leaf, computer paper, construction paper
and cardboard.
Some waste cannot be recycled and belongs in the garbage bin – items such as
plastic forks and spoons, paper towels, snack wrappers and anything made with
ALL classrooms have GREY desk side paper recycling bins that, when full, can be
emptied into the larger hallway bins by teachers or a designated student.
In your classroom, you will also find a BLUE basket recycling bin for MIXED
CONTAINERS and a GREEN basket bin for beverage containers. [hold these up so the
students recognize them when they return to their classroom].
If you are not sure of where an item belongs – ask your teacher. You will soon see
new posters in your classroom that will also help you sort things into the right bin.
Remember, if you are still not sure which bin to put something in – ask for help first;
next look at the sorting poster; or finally put the item in the garbage. It’s very
important we don’t put garbage in the recycling bins.
Will you help us? Do you think we can Recycle More?
Let’s pledge to do our best to recycle. REPEAT AFTER ME:
I promise… to recycle more...
I will sort my recyclables… into our cool new recycling bins…
If I’m not sure where to put something… I will ask for help…
I will do my best… to help others Recycle @ School…
I will help keep… our garbage out of the landfill…
Because it is good for the earth… good for our school… and good for me!
GREAT JOB! Let’s be the best recyclers we can be!