Photography Disclosure

Photography Disclosure
Ms. Cellar
Rm 201
Ext 1481
WHAT WILL WE DO? This class will explore the artistic and technical side of photography, as
well as how photography has developed throughout history. Our focus is helping students become better
and more confident photographers.
I can identify the parts of a camera.
I can speak in camera and photography terms.
I can use compositional strategies to frame an artistically successful shot.
I have a basic functioning knowledge of the following technical aspects:
a. Aperture
b. Shutter Speed
c. ISO
5. I can edit my photographs digitally.
ATTENDANCE: I follow the school’s attendance policy. Students need to be in class and on time. I
take attendance every day within the first 5 minutes of class. If absent, students miss valuable instruction,
discussion, and interaction.
The student will behave in the following way, without being asked. If he/she needs to be
asked more than once to behave appropriately, they will face negative consequences.
Raise hand for a question or comment, and do not interrupt the teacher
Stay seated and work the whole time
Use materials properly
Do not throw things (especially paper airplanes)
No food or drink in the classroom (water bottles permitted)
No cell phones or other electronic devices out in class (these will be taken away).
CONSEQUENCES FOR BEHAVIOR: There are positive and negative consequences for
respectively positive/negative behavior. As the teacher, I retain the right to set the consequence as I deem
appropriate for the situation. The list below is a general idea of the escalation of consequences.
Positive Consequences
Panther Payoffs
Artwork hung up for display
Positive letter/call home
Negative Consequences
Daily Point(s) taken away
Move seat
Contact parents/principal
Will there be homework? Not very often, if ever.
What do I need for class? Bring a pencil and your iPad to class
every day!
Do I need my own camera? No; we will use the iPads and
school-provided Digital cameras for class.
We’ve moved on in class but I’m not finished with an
assignment. What do I do?
Come in before or after school (between 7:30 and 3:20),
or come in for any day during iTime. I also can stamp your
planner for Friday, which will let you come to my room during
PAWS to work.
How do I know my grade or what assignments I’m missing?
Assignments will be entered into Power School before
they are due. Grades will be updated at minimum once every
week. Log in to Powerschool and click on the class too see each
individual assignment and the grade you received.
Daily participation (20%)
Worksheets: Based on completion and accuracy. (10%)
Assignments/projects: Grade is based on effort, criteria met, and improvement. I do not grade
based on natural artistic ability! (40%)
I Can Statements: Ongoing goals throughout the semester. (20%)
Quizzes: Only once in a while! (10%)
I do not give grades, you earn them!
PARENTS: Feel free to contact me at any time, and know you are welcome into the classroom
anytime to observe or assist individual students.
Let’s have a great year in Photography!