Study Guide: From Pitch to Pixels

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY—From Pitch to Pixels: The Basics
Study Guided Notes
1. Define photography (pg 12):
2. List five reasons why pictures are taken:
3. Define photojournalists:
4. The first form of photographic entertainment to gain wide popularity was the stereoscope.
a. Explain the stereoscope:
5. In your opinion, is photography and art or a craft? (Pg. 19)
6. Define the following vocabulary words:
a. Pictorialism
b. Naturalistic photography
c. Abstractionism
d. Camera obscura
e. Camera lucida
7. What is a pinhole camera, how is one made?
8. When was the first permanent image taken? By whom?
9. Define (pg. 22)
a. Latent
b. Developed
10. When was the negative discovered? By whom? (Pg. 23)
11. Explain “printing out paper”
12. Explain “developing out paper”
13. What is calotype, and how does it work?