ART 350 Syllabus (Doc)

Course Outline
Art 350 / Photography II / Ticket # 19749
Instructor: Chuck Przelomiec
Email address ([email protected])
Room ADC 334
Spring 2016
Office: ADC 320-A (818) 677-2830
Office Hour: Thursday 5-6 PM
Course Objectives:
To solidify the basic skills and techniques of traditional photography. Expand and
explore special processes. The primary objective being a strong advanced student,
with an emerging style based on high traditional standards of developing and
printing. To foster the student’s appreciation of the art through critique and selfreflection.
Course Structure and Requirements:
Four graded assignments will be given during the semester and will emphasize
technical and aesthetic aspects of photography.
Material will be presented through lecture, class demonstrations, class discussions,
and critiques.
Labs will also constitute an important learning experience.
Assignment Expectations:
Assignments may be re-done within two weeks of receiving graded work back from
the instructor for full credit, with the exception of penalty points for late or
incomplete work.
Student absence on a day in which an assignment is due constitutes a "late"
assignment unless the student has made prior arrangement with the instructor, or
had work delivered to class by another Individual.
Assignments are due at the beginning of class.
Attendance and Classroom Expectations:
Attendance and punctuality are expected. Absenteeism and tardiness will not only
affect one's overall understanding of the material presented, but the grade.
Students are responsible for material missed due to absence.
Students should not call the Visual Arts Office, if they are unable to attend class.
Grading: (Points).
Attendance and class participation
Final Exam: *TUESDAY MAY. 17, 2016 @ 6 – 8 PM, Room ADC 334
*The time listed above may be different from the official Portal Final Exam schedule
Final grades will be made with a (+ or -) designation if appropriate.
Revised 1/2016