Slajd 1 - English On-Line

My name is Eliza Marczak and I
am a high school teacher of
English. I like reading books, and
taking long walks along the
seashore. I am interested in
cultural differences between
people. But my two greatest and
most beloved hobbies you can
see in the picture - these are my
two kids.
Hello, my name is Joanna, I'm 17 and I
come from Zgierz in Poland. I travel
a lot. Particularly, I love French and
Turkish culture. In the future I'd
like to teach English in primary school.
Moreover, I like writing short
teenage love stories.
My name is Weronika Blimel. I'm 17 years old. I go to SLO Traugutt in
Zgierz. I like spend time with my friends. I also like read books. My
favourite kind is fantasy. I love listen to music, especially rock.
Hi. My name is Ela Good. I’m 17 years old. I was born in the
USA. I go to high school in Zgierz.
Hi. I’m Ada. I’m 17 years old. As most participants I attend to high
school. I’m interested in photography. Especially portraits and macro