Fundamentals of Photography

Deer High School
Instructor: Mandy Daniels
Fundamentals of Photography
Name of course and course description:
Fundamentals of Photography – Grades: 9-12 – Two Semesters
This core introductory program is designed to provide practical knowledge and
skill in preparation for a career in photography.
Prerequisites or recommendations:
Audience, rationale, and anticipated outcomes for this course:
Students will be able to use the camera successfully in numerous settings and they
will also be able to edit their photographs.
Resources necessary for the course:
Grading will be based on a points system. Points can be earned from the
A. Creating documents
B. Projects
C. Worksheets/study guides
D. Tests
All points possible will be totaled and then divided by the number of points the
student earned. All assignments, tests, and writing tasks will be weighted equally
and count for 85% of your grade, the other 15% of your grade will be determined
by a semester test.
Attendance and make up work:
Handbook attendance guidelines will be followed, and all students must make up
their work to receive credit. Students need to take responsibility to schedule
absences (when applicable) with me to arrange a time to make up missed work. If
absences are not scheduled, it is the student responsibility to get the work they
missed the day they return to class.
Academic Dishonesty:
Students who do not do their own work or copy other’s work will be given a
detention and be made to do the work over. Students who cheat on a test will
receive a 0% (zero) on the test. Students who print the work of other’s and turn it
in as their own will receive a detention and possible parent notification.
Parents/guardians will be notified of any academic dishonesty.