Positive Effects of Extra-Curricular Activities on Students

Positive Effects of Extra-Curricular Activities on Students
Extracurricular offerings are abundant for your student throughout this school year! They can
be sports, clubs, debate, drama, school publications, student council and many other social
events. A student’s future can be determined in the things that they do in the hours after school
and before their parents get home. The positive effects that extracurricular activities have on
students are:
 Reduced behavior problems
 Better grades
 School completion
 Positive aspects to become successful adults
 A social aspect
 Higher self-esteem
 A more meaningful connection with a youth’s community
 Lower levels of depression
 Less likely to become pregnant as teens
 More likely to resist unsafe behaviors such as drug and alcohol use, gang involvement
and criminal activities
By participating in extracurricular activities students learn lessons in leadership, teamwork,
organization, analytical thinking, problem solving, time management, learning to juggle many
tasks at once and it allows them to discover their talents. Extracurricular participation is a factor
in reducing student’s experimentation and use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.
Extracurricular activities look great on a resume and/or college application and it may even be
the thing that helps them to find a career!
Let’s get involved!
Massoni, Erin (2011) “Positive Effects of Extra Curricular Activities on Students, “ESSAI: Vol. 9, Article 27.
If you’re concerned about someone’s AODA use or abuse, please contact your school’s social worker for assistance.
Reminders About Administering Medication (Board Policy 453.4): Taking Medications at
Parents/guardians requesting that medication be administered to their child at school or during a
school-sponsored activity must obtain and complete district medication permission forms. The
medication permission forms and copies of these procedures are available in each school office
and on the district website. A copy of these procedures will be provided to parents/guardians
upon request. Students should not be in possession of any medications without prior approval.
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