What is the purpose of a common board configuration?

Common Board
Pine Villa Elementary School
Mathematics Coach
Sonya Nelson
What is the purpose of a common board
•The purpose is to allow students to know what is expected of them on a
daily basis.
•The use of a common board in schools will portray a sense of community.
•Research has shown that struggling readers perform better when they have
repeated exposure to something.
•It makes it easier for students to focus when each room they enter has the
same information on the board in the same place.
How do students and teachers benefit from a Common Board?
Students will have a continuity across curricular.
Common Boards assist teachers in keeping students on task.
Layout of Common Board Configuration
Essential Questions:
Closing Activity:
Home Learning:
oElements of Common Board Configuration:
Benchmark: This is the instructional focus for the week. For example:
Math-MA.3.A.23 Fraction Size
Science-SC.3.P.9.1 Phase Changes
Objectives: Students will be able to (SWBAT)….
Essential Questions: What the students should be able to answer by the end of the
Class Agenda: List of the activities/assignments that will be done during your
instructional block.
Warm-Up: a 5-10 minute bell ringer.
Examples: Math- On Target
Science-Secondary benchmark from FCAT Explorer
Elements of Common Board Configuration
Closing Activity: an activity that closes or wraps up the day’s lesson. It should answer
the essential question for the day or is going to if the lesson is more than one day.
Examples: exit slips, summary of the day’s lesson, secondary benchmark review
Home Learning: an assignment that students complete at home to reinforce skills
taught in school.