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6th Grade Science Syllabus
Gray Middle School
Ms. Hancock
[email protected]
(859) 384- 5333
Welcome to Ms. Hancock’s 6th grade Science class! This year, students will be taking part in a year-long
Integrated Science course based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Students will not be
assigned an individual textbook. Students instead will be learning skills through the use of science and
engineering practices. It is very important that students remain organized and make connections to their
learning through classroom experiences. Please read the procedures and expectations I have set and
return the signature page by Monday August 17, 2015.
Be Prepared
Being prepared includes being on time! You will need
your agenda, notebook, science journal, paper, and a
pencil each day. If additional supplies are needed, you
will find them listed on the whiteboard located directly
outside of my room.
Daily Classroom Procedures
When you enter the room, sit in your assigned seat and
quietly work on the warm up activities. Warm up
activities include: copying the agenda, answering the
bell ringer, and reading the learning target. Once those
three things are complete, wait quietly for further
It is your responsibility to check the absent folder to get
your missing work! Please see me during advisory to
review work and establish a time to make up the
necessary assignments. I follow GMS’s absentee policy.
Grading Scale
Points are earned in the following areas: tests/quizzes,
labs/projects, classwork, and homework. The length of
the assignment will be a factor in the total amount of
points possible.
Weighted Grades
60% Classwork/Homework
40% Assessments
GMS Grading Scale
Below 70
Late Work
Work is late unless students have an excused absence
for reasons such as a medical appointment and present
a valid note to the office. Once approved, students will
receive one additional day per excused day to complete
work (per Gray’s absentee policy). Otherwise, students
will receive a 10% reduction in grade per day the
assignment is late (5% for ½ day late). Late assignments
must be handed directly to the teacher. Do not place
late work on my desk or in grading basket. A late grade
is better than getting a zero so please complete all of
your assignments!
Any student who talks, looks at another student’s
paper, or communicates in any way with another
student during a test or quiz is considering cheating. In
addition, exchanging papers to copy answers on
individual classwork or homework will have the same
consequence. Consequences for cheating will apply to
the student copying answers as well as the student
allowing it to happen. Take pride in completing your
own work!
No Name Papers
The following heading should be placed in the upper
right corner of every paper you write on:
Name (First, Last)
Class Period
Papers without the proper heading will be placed in the
no name folder. It is your responsibility to check this
folder and resubmit any work to be graded.
Curriculum Snapshot
Unit 1- Forces and Interactions
Unit 2- Structure and Properties of Matter
Unit 3- Earth Systems
Unit 4- Weather and Climate
Unit 5- Geological Processes and History of Earth
Unit 6- Matter and Energy in Ecosystems
Two of the most valuable tools for success will be
classroom experiences and the use of a science journal.
It is important that students ask questions in class and
participate each day. The science journal is
recommended to copy notes, glue diagrams, write
clarifying questions to address with peers/teacher, etc.
Contact Information
Please feel free to contact me at any time with
questions or concerns. The best way to reach me is by
email at: [email protected]
I am excited for another wonderful year at Gray Middle
School and I look forward to working with each of you
over the 2015-2016 school year!
Classroom Behavior
Students are expected to follow all GMS rules inside and
outside of the classroom.
 Be respectful
 Do not speak when the teacher is speaking
 Raise your hand
 Keep your hands and feet to yourself
 Stay engaged
 Ask questions
…just to name a few! 