Travels, Initiatory journeys, exile

Travels, Initiatory journeys, exile
Roald Dhal, The Hitch-hiker
Kerouac, On the road: reading activities
On the road, the novel of the beat
The original scroll. No paragraphs.
Into the wild (film)
Watch the trailer and music videos
from the movie’s soundtrack
• Jot down the stressed words. Why are they important.
• Spot the elements that are characteristic of the
bildungsroman (coming of age novel) and of travel novels.
• How are these elements regarded:
Consumer society / mass production / money
Success / Nature / Wilderness / Cities / civilisation / Culture /
counter-culture / spontaneousness
Pick out lyrics to justify your point of view.
Final Test
• In preparation for you bac folder,
• Find a third document that you could include in
this folder.
• Find the theme and a question, imagine a guideline and get ready to present your folder. (links
between the 3 documents, pronunciation of the
important word, necessary vocabulary and
• I will grade your plans and you can make an oral
presentation to Erica or Me.