Mrs. Garnett’s Newsletter
November 16, 2015
*For the month of November respect life is
collecting can food. Please help us collect cans.
*Respect life is also collecting stocking stuffer
items for our sister parish.
*Saint Projects are posted on my website. They
will be presented in class on November 23rd.
Please see the website for the project.
*December book it calendars will be due by
December 3rd.
Math – Chapter 5
Students have learned their basic facts of 0 – 10.
We will use our facts to solve for an unknown
factor. We will also look for patterns in a table
using addition and multiplication. Students will
have their test on Thursday.
Rocket Math – We will start rocket math
multiplication. Please help your child review their
basic facts.
**Additional resources are located on Think
Religion – Chapter 7
Chapter 7 – The Good News
Students will focus on sharing the Good News of
All Saints Day Project- In honor of November 1st
being All Saints Day, students are to research a
saint and complete a report on the saint.
Students may bring in props to help their report.
Saints will be presented November 23rd.
Test This Week:
Religion – Wednesday November 18
Math – Thursday November 19
Spelling – Friday November 20
Reading –
This week students will review for their unit 2
test. Students will review the skills we have
learned throughout this unit. We will review
author’s purpose, main idea and details, theme,
and summarizing.
Spelling Words –
Words this week are review words:
Freeze, street, sixteen, week, clean, gnaws,
wring, wrists, wrong, screens, strength,
scribble, scraped, pathway, teacher
Grammar –
Students will review combining sentences,
singular & plural nouns, and common & proper
** Additional activities are located on Connect
Ed. The activities are under the tab ‘to do’.
Mark Your Calendars:
November 24 – Early Dismissal
Nov 25 – Nov 30 – No School