Confirmation Name Info sheet 2015

St. Matthew the Apostle Parish
A name identifies us in a unique way, not just our physical selves, but who we are as
persons. The Holy Spirit comes to us through the waters of Baptism, in the “Name of the
Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” We are named as a child of God and
given our name as a newly Baptized Catholic Christian.
Although some candidates may want to take a special name for Confirmation, it is not a
requirement. Please see the following quote from the Sacramental Guidelines of the
Diocese of Paterson.
The Candidate may choose to retain his/her own baptismal name or choose another name. In this case, it is
to be that of a recognized saint of the Church. If the candidate’s baptismal name is not a saint’s name, this
is an opportunity for the candidate to choose a saint as a model and patron.
Please read the following regarding names for Confirmation. On the back of this page,
we provided a list of websites to assist you in your choice.
 Most candidates will choose to keep their baptismal name, and in that case, you
do not have to do anything.
 If your first name is not a saint name and you want to use your middle name, then
please inform us of this no later than 03/08/15.
 If you choose to adopt a Confirmation name, then please fill out the form below
and return it no later than 03/08/15.
 Please note: If we do not hear from you by that date, we will use your Baptismal
name at your Confirmation Celebration and on your Certificate.
Your Name: ____________________________________________________________
Chosen Saint’s Name: __________________________________________________
Your Grade:
Date: ___________________
Due before 03/08/2015
St. Matthew’s Faith Formation Office
335 Dover Chester Road
Randolph, NJ 07869
(Turn over)
Resources for Saints’ names, dates, professions, traits:
Catholic Online-Saints
Patron Saints Index
Catholic Information Network - Catholic Saint Links
Roman Catholic Patron Saints