Sept 17 2014 Newsletter


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You will be receiving or have already received a letter from Cindy Ballweg our Religious Education Coordinator. In this letter has very important information and dates for your child’s journey through their two Sacraments they recieve in second grade, First Reconciliation and First Holy


Please make sure to put these dates on your calendars


The dates are also located on my page on the school website.

Math fact and spelling Tests are tomorrow. Make sure to encourage your child to practice their spelling words and math facts. Even if your child feels they are strong in their math facts, encourage them to keep practicing to get even faster!

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2nd Grade News


We added even more to our routine this week. They are slowly getting into this routine and knowing where everything is around the room.


This week we started talking about the Liturgical Calendar. They colored the colors of the Liturgical seasons. I laminated this Calendar and will be coming home today in their

Thursday folders. This is a concept we talk about all year long. In the classroom we have a whole bulletin board dedicated to it and will change as the Church seasons change. They learned and

started recognizing that the Liturgical Year is based on Jesus’ life and that the readings at Mass are not just chosen at random.

Another project that we will continue throughout the year is the students will be creating their own Liturgical calendars with an actual calendar. Each month they will fill in the numbers, color in the proper colors based on the season, and fill in Saint feast days. We will discuss Saints that are recognized during this month and we will learn about those Saints. They will also have a

Saint book they will be working on as they learn about each Saint. It’s a lot of work but it’s such a great way to dive deep into the understanding of Jesus’ life and the importance of Saints.


They continued to practice how to spell numbers. I quizzed them and they quizzed each other. I am not expecting them to master this skill but I do want them to be able to see some of the patterns with the spelling. They students worked on shape patterns and number patterns

(counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s etc). We will be wrapping up our numbers unit this week and will be moving onto addition next week.


We talked more about how to pick a book that is around their level and the benefits to that. They need to take responsibility for their reading skills. We worked on basics of reading such as pausing at periods, following along with your finger, adding expression, how to sound out a word with chunking the sounds together.

If you have your child read to you and they get stuck on a word, don’t just give them the word.

Have them sound it out and recognize some of the sounds they are familiar with. They can also chunk the sounds together and break it into sections so it’s easier to sound out. This skill will benefit them greatly when they are reading alone. Otherwise, they just skip over the word and the story won’t make sense.


They learned about writing in personal journals, learning journals, and reading journals.

We will be doing all three of these journals throughout the year. They wrote in their personal journal yesterday. They loved the concept they could write about whatever they wanted and I wasn’t going to be reading it. They wrote in their reading journals today. A reading journal is a great way for children to reflect on what they read and comprehend it.

We read Diary of a Worm and Diary of a Spider to emphasize the components to journal writing.

We have also been discussing how to write proper sentences and handwriting that goes along with it. We have been working on spacing between letters and numbers, sizing of letters, and proper capitalization of letters (not allowed in the middle of the word which I have been seeing).


As stated above, we talked about parts of a sentence such as periods, capital letters, and checking to see if the sentence makes sense!

Science/ Social Studies

They worked on their plant projects this week. It involved explaining what each plant part does. The plant picture was on the front and then they could flip up the paper and read the description of the plant part underneath. These will be in the hallway at school and then will come home. They worked hard on detail.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Ziegler