Religion Project: Lives of the Saints

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Religion Project: Lives of the Saints
Research and report on your given Saint. Follow the outline below to complete this assignment.
Include the following:
 One interesting story about the saint
 Where did the saint live?
 What occupation did the saint have?
 Does his/her name have any special meaning?
 When is his/her feast day in the Catholic calendar?
You will present in the following way:
 One page (maximum) written essay that answers the above questions
 One poster on 8 ½” x 11” paper that depicts the saint and contains a few interesting facts for a wall of saints
 3 – 5 minute oral presentation to introduce your classmates to your saint (informal talk, but you have rehearsed)
Complete a self-evaluation before your presentation; give your sheet to your teacher before your presentation.
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Presentation (Clear voice, memorization, eye contact, posture)
Poster (Visible name, interesting facts, sketches/pictures)
Essay (Clear opening, body, closing; conventions; answers questions)
Use of Class Time for preparing
My saint is _______________________________________________.
There are helpful dictionaries of Saints in our classroom. You may also wish to check out books from the public libraries.
Here is a list of websites that you may also use to assist you in researching your Saint.