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Newsletter 11
Week of October 26, 2013
Fabulous Fourth Grade
1. I am still looking for parent volunteers to help in the classroom. We could use volunteers
from 2:25-3:00 daily.
2. The PTO fundraiser in Saturday November 1. It will be an evening filled with fun, fellowship,
and fundraising for our great school. I hope to see you there!
3. All Saints Day will be celebrated on Friday November 7. The children will dress up as the
saint of their choice. I have also assigned a timeline and research report for All Saints Day.
The time line is due Monday November 3 and the report is due Friday November 7. Most of
the assignment will be completed in class. Whatever the children do not finish in class they
will have to finish at home. Guidelines for the timeline and the report ae attached.
4. In math, we will have a test on two digit multiplication. Some of the children have mastered
this skill others are still working on it. I will continue to give two digit multiplication tests to
your child until he/she scores at least an 85%.
5. Thursday is the Race for Lizzie. The children can wear their Race for Lizzie tee shirts, gym
uniforms, or any other SHA gear. This race will be similar to the Fun Run. The children will
be outside during lunchtime. Please have them bring a blanket, so they can picnic.
6. Parts have been assigned for the Thanksgiving play. The children will have to memorize
their parts and provide their own costumes. I will be sending home more details about
costumes and props next week.
Please check your child’s agenda for the homework schedule. This week they will be assigned:
Unit 5 due
Unit 5 due
Write words in
Study for test
Test on 2 digit
Finish The Double
Life of Pocahontas
due Thursday
Test Chapter 5
Tuesday 11/4
Test Chapter 5
Tuesday 11/4
Test Chapter 5
Tuesday 11/4
Quiz on Chapter 7
My Saint and Me
report due 11/7
Social Studies
Study Guide
coming home
Timeline due 11/3
Study for test
In class we will be covering and testing on the following topics:
We Worship God – Quiz Wednesday 10/29
Multiplication Test Wednesday 10/29
Social Studies
Chapter 5 - Jamestown
Unit 5
Historical Fiction – The Double Life of Pocahontas
cursive lower case letters
Our specials are:
Spanish 9:50
Spanish 9:50
Mass 8:30**
Library 12:55
Computers 9:15
*Children must wear their PE clothes to school.
**All are invited to attend Mass.
I can be reached at: [email protected] or [email protected] Please contact me with any
questions or concerns.
Have a great week!
Lots of love (LOL),
Erica Palaza
4th Grade Teacher
Sacred Heart Academy
110 Keating Drive
Winchester, VA 22601
[email protected] or [email protected]
Putting Faith in the Future
A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
Accredited by the Virginia Catholic Educational Assoc.
All Saints Day Projects
All Saints’ Day Timeline: Due Monday November 3
Use the two sentence strips to complete two timelines.
 The first timeline should include the significant events of the
saint’s life. Above each event place a small picture of that event.
Pictures maybe drawn or computer generated.
 The second timeline should include significant events in your life
that have brought you closer to God. Above each event place a
small picture of that event. Pictures maybe drawn, computer
generated, or a photograph. The last event should be a picture of
you in your saint’s costume.
All Saints’ Day Report: Due Friday Novmebr 7
 You will be writing the reports in school. The reports will be
parallel reports. They will compare your saint’s life to your own
 Completed reports should be written in cursive or typed.
 You will need a cover page for your report. The cover must have a
picture of your saint and a picture of you dressed as your saint.
 If you cannot take a picture of yourself in your saint costume I
will take your picture on November 7. Just make sure you leave
room on the cover for the picture. The title should be
Saint (enter the name of you saint) and Me.