The Saints Project:

Date Assigned: September 29, 2014
Date Signed Form Due: September 30, 2014
Final Project Presentation: October 30, 2014
Have you ever wondered how a saint becomes a saint? Here is your chance to
find that out and so much more! This project will allow you to utilize your
Autonomous Learner characteristics while reflecting many of the Multiple
Intelligences you possess, all while covering the saints’ curriculum in our Religious
studies. Students will be able to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways
allowing them to use their physical and intellectual talents and gifts.
Project Criteria and Points Available for Each Portion
Saint selection due: Friday, October 3
___ / 10 points
Select and begin researching the life of a saint.
Research paper due: Thursday, October 16
___ / 50 points
Write and type a two (2) page research paper explaining what you
have learned about the saint you are studying. You will earn two
grades for this research paper: ELA (MLA formatting, grammar,
and spelling) and Religion (content). A rubric will be provided.
Poster due: Tuesday, October 21
___ / 50 points
Design and create a “Saintsbook” page in the style of a
“Facebook” page. This should be done on a half-size poster board
and include information about your Saint in an artistic manner.
“Saintsbook” posters will be on display both in the ACS gym and at
the Annunciation Catholic Church. A Rubric will be provided.
Costume due: Thursday, October 23
___ / 15 points
The costume you will wear for the “Hall of Saints” must be at school
and ready to wear.
Presentation written/memorized by: October 23 ___ / 25 points
Write and MEMORIZE a three (3) line presentation to recite “in
character” during the Hall of Saints. You must also KNOW relevant
information about your saint and be prepared to answer a variety
of questions about your saint.
“The Hall of Saints Museum” October 30
__ /100 points
Students will dress in character and pose as if they are figures in a
museum. When the presentation begins, saints will take turns reciting a
small portion of their memorized presentation.
After Liturgy, students will stay in costume and be a part of the “Hall of
Saints Museum.” Students from the other grades will have a chance to visit
a saint in the museum and ask questions of that saint. Saints must be
prepared to answer questions about their life and death. A rubric will be
The “preview” to the Hall of Saints will take place October 30, 2014 during
our school liturgy at 8:30 a.m. in the ACS gymnasium. The actual “Hall of
Saints Museum” will take place later that morning. Students, staff, parents,
and friends of ACS are invited to the presentation.
Each portion of this entire project will receive a separate grade. Please
see the points possible for each portion. This is a “long-term project” that
requires “long-term planning!” Although some class time will be given,
students need to use their time wisely and meet each deadline in a timely
manner so as not to feel stressed about the final presentation. This project
is designed to help students utilize their ALM skills and wow us with not only
what they know, but HOW they know it! We are looking forward to
watching your saint “come alive!” Please sign below and show to Mrs.
Kluse by October 3, 2014. You will keep this form for your reference
throughout the project.
Parent Signature: _______________ Student Signature: __________________
Bonus Points and/or Community Service Opportunities:
Sunday, October 26, Annunciation Catholic Church:
“SHINE –Share His Incredible News Everywhere” Costume Carnival.
6th grade students are invited to present their saints in the “Hall of Saints”
at the ACC Activities Center between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00 p.m.
Those students willing and able to participate can earn Bonus Points
and/or Community Service. If you are interested in this opportunity,
please fill in your first and last name below.
Points/Community Service by participating in the ACC SHINE “Hall of
Saints on Sunday, October 26, 2014.