Thorntree Primary (edition 5 * Sept *13)

Thorntree Primary
Welcome to another round up of all of the Eco news in
Thorntree. We are due to be assessed to renew our
Green Flag status on Tuesday 11th March.
Our focus topics are Energy, Water and, of course, Litter.
Remember to do your bit and don’t drop litter in our
playground….don’t drop litter anywhere!
Primary 5 have a “fishy” tale to tell you………
Just before the February weekend, room 9 got
delivery of the brown trout eggs and hatchery.
The hatchery will be the eggs’ home until they
have grown from eggs to alevins and then into
small fish called Fry. This process will take a few
months and the pupils must take good care of the
fish by measuring the water temperature daily
and ensuring that they are safe and fed well.
Once the fish are of a good size, they are
released into a local burn. This is an excellent
science project for pupils to learn about
conservation, environmental issues and
Keep up the good work Room 9.
“Chick Chick Chick Chick Chicken….”
Room 4 are about to start an exciting project.
At the beginning of March they are going to
receive some eggs that they need to take good
care of. Once the eggs hatch the boys and girls
will nurture and take care of the chicks. This is
an exciting opportunity for the pupils to learn
about and care for animals.
(edition 6 – Feb 14)
In Thorntree we
recycle –
 Ink Cartridges
 Clothes and Textiles
 Mobile phones
 Paper
 Plastic bottles
The next Rag Bag
collection is on
Thursday 13th March.
Remember that, on
average, the school
receives £100 each
time we have a Rag
Bag collection. A big
thank you to everyone.
Remember to save
power by turning things
off when you are not
using them…..saves
money too! ££££££
Did you know?
80-90% of the
AA batteries we use in school
are rechargeable. AND…
all of the calculators that we
now use are solar powered.
Interesting fact #1
A running tap can use up to 6
litres in a minute. Don’t leave
the tap running when brushing
your teeth.
Lunchtime Litter Survey
Primary 2 pupils from room 5 have been keeping an eye on
the amount of litter that is thrown away at lunchtime.
They used tally marks to record their findings and over
some weeks they noticed a lot of waste especially tinfoil,
cling film and cartons. Here are some suggestions they
came up with to reduce lunchtime waste.
 Use a plastic tub with a lid for sandwiches.
Use a re-usable sandwich wrapper
Use a re-useable juice bottle.
Let a member of the Eco team know if you are making some
changes to your packed lunch. We’ll put your name in the
monthly Eco draw for a chance to win a prize.
The Eco Team are now selling The Wrapper. This is a
reusable sandwich wrapper that reduces litter and can save
you money. They cost £5 each, (50p) goes to school fund.
See Mrs MacDonald if you’d like to buy one.
Let’s reduce the lunchtime waste!
Eco Information Board
As well as our information board in school,
you can now find out about our news from the
notice board in Tesco and at our local library.
It is important that we get the Eco message
out to the local community and beyond…!
This term the whole school are learning about various
aspects of FOOD. Many of the classes are growing
vegetables and some classes have been making soup from
vegetables. Primary 1 are growing flowers and herbs.
Primary 2 are growing potatoes and learning about the
importance of worms in the soil….they have a wormery in
their class! Primary 3 have had a visit from Warburton’s
and made lovely bread.
Travel to School.
Parking at our school can sometimes be
a bit busy. You can help us by not
parking on the Zigzags at the front and
back of the school. You can also help
by parking further away from the school
and walking the rest of the way. This is
called Park-n- Stride.
Toilet Twinning
Watch this space……..
Too many people around the world
do not have a safe, hygienic toilet.
This means that they can catch
terrible diseases. We would like to
do something to help and we need to
raise £60 so that we can twin our
school toilet with one in Zambia.
Zambia is also the country we will be
learning about as part of our
Commonwealth games celebrations.
The Eco team will be hosting a
fundraising event soon.
Interesting fact #2
A dripping tap can lose 4
litres of water in one day!
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